Carnation Instant Breakfast – No Sugar Added

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Found in Walmart in the cereal isle. Carnation Instant Breakfast No Sugar Added. 1 package is 60 Calories, .5% fat, and 4g of fiber. Comes to 0 points on WW.

You have to add it to 1 cup of milk so be sure to count the fat free milk for 2pts a cup. It has 2X the Protein of an Egg, 2X Calcium of yogurt and 21 vitamin and minerals.

Hope you check it out.

Lipton Diet Green Tea With Citrus

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These are really good on a hot day. They do have caffine but it is not listed in the ingredients. My aunt called the company and was told there was caffine in them, I found out the hard way, drank a few too late, couldn’t go to sleep. They have no calories, be careful to buy the diet ones unless you want to count points. I accidentally bought a couple of packages of the regular kind and had to let my husband drink those because I would have had to count them. As I said, they are really good and count for nothing.

Sugarfree Syrups

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Look for the sugarfree syrups in the grocery stores now in the coffee isle. They are not just for coffee anymore. Add them to your water to flavor them, your plain oatmeal, you diet cokes or anything else you want to flavor up they are so low in calories..

Tropicanna Orange Ade

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Tropicanna Orange Ade comes sugar free with five calories a can. It has 150 percent of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. It is not carbonated. So far I have given it to two people and have drank it myself. We all like it. My friend cannot tolerate carbonation and she is diabetic so she really liked it and it fit her needs.

I found that cans at HEB.( On sale now 2 cases for $5) Target has it in Litre bottles only.

Be carful not to confuse it with Lemonade which has more points.

Instant Vanilla Chai Latte

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A member in Baytown brought a Spiced Chai Latte. The brand is
Pacific Chai-sweetened with Splenda/ I could only find at Kroger.
I bought the Vanilla Chai Latte flavor also.

What impressed me is it has 11 grams of fiber in a serving!!!
What is in there with all that fiber?
It is very good and for us looking for a LOT of fiber this is a great find and it is easy and tastes good.
One point per cup if on flex.(It works out to be 0 when you figure it but I have been counting it as one)

Crystal Light – Individual Servings

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I have found the individual servings of Crystal Light at HEB in Friendswood and the Walmart at Dixie Farm Road. In both stores, the boxes of ten individual servings are located with the other Crystal Light drink mixes. It comes in the three flavors: Raspberry, Lemonade and Ice Tea. You are looking for a small box as opposed to the round containers that the other Chrystal Light drinks are in. I really like the convience of pre-measured drink mix that fits my bottle of water. Happy shopping