Recipe Migration Complete

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Oct 28th Update: We have finished the recipe migration, having completed the “Main Courses”. We have over 325 recipes in the blog, and are looking forward to adding more.

Oct 17th Update: We’ve migrated all of the “Sweets & Snacks” recipes over. We’re now up to 218 recipes on the blog.

We’re making more progress on the recipe migration, and now have 150 recipes migrated to the WordPress. We’ve just finished the “Soups, Salads and Apps” recipes.

Holiday Recipes Migrated

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We’re making progress on migrating recipes from the old forum.  We’ve just moved all holiday recipes over – just in time for the cold weather…

Welcome to the new Betty Jo Young .com

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Welcome to the new and improved Betty Jo Young .com.  We are converting the site into a WordPress blog, and Betty Jo will soon begin posting the weekly meeting topic and the inspirational quote here.  The meeting schedule and monthly calendar are still here.  Check the links just above.

I will be working to migrate all of the recipes into the new system.  Once that is done you will easily be able to browse and search through them.  Until we’re finished with that, you can still browse them in the old forum.

We’ll see less of you soon.  ;-)